Rin4a buffer v1.3
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  Rin4a buffer v1.3

Rin4a buffer v1.3

Current version: 1.3
Supported servers: L2jFree
Tested on: L2jFree Gracia Part 2


After of thinking of stopping releasing forther versions of the buffer, because of a guy that stole my buffer, I made my choise and I will be sharing new versions of my buffer. V1.3 has promised Scheme system. There's nothing much to say, just download it and see for your self

Current version:


1. Scheme system
2. Buff price depending of the location
3. Updated configuration system
4. Security flaw fix
5. Code optimization
6. Added new buffs
7. Modified VIP system
8. All HTML files are generated by the script

Recent versions:


1. Mainly there has been made code optimization
2. So badly requested: One click buff system
3. Removed some unneeded columns from database tables
4. Window style fix


1. VIP System
2. Some security addons
3. Code optimization
4. Added and removed some buffs
5. Fixed bugs connected with paying for buffs and admin panel fix


1. Integrated HTML files in the script
2. Custom buff casting method
3. Time-out system
4. Online buffer configuration system
5. Online buff management system

Additional information:

Some people that i know asked me: Why did I integrate HTML files in the script?
The answer is simple: That way I can make them to be dynamic. In my case, all buffs are stored in the database, and later on they are fetched from the database, and some on them aren't enabled at all, so it would take much time to delete the buff from the HTML file, and later if I would want it back, I would have to edit the HTML file again...

Time-out system is made for servers with not that good hardware. Basically what it does is: it doesn't let player to buff more than 1 time in X seconds. I added a neat visual effect (like when you are swimming, and that blue gauge shows up by your name).

If there will be good responses about my buffer, I will continue to release new versions of it.
Suggestions, wishes, bug reports and mainly simple Thank you would be great. So, please, take your time and write a simple message.

1 ) Shut down your server
2 ) Backup buffer_buff_list, buffer_vip_list, buffer_configuration tables (if you have them)
3 ) Open Navicat or any other MySQL database manager
4 ) Import install.sql with your MySQL database manager
5 ) Import the script in scripts.cfg
6 ) Launch the server
7 ) While in game, type //spawn 555555

Ccылка: 4shared

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